Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas and one other thing

So some kids I know got World Monopoly (not sure of exact title). Instead of getting $200 to pass Go, you get $2 million. Instead of buying properties for $400, $500, you buy them for $600K and more. Houses are a million, depending on which property you land on. The biggest change: no paper money. Yes, that's right. No paper money-just a little calculator thing. The money is on a card (like the casino) and you just insert the card into the machine and press the buttons. At first it was awesome (because you can buy lots of world cities like Barcelona, Istanbul, Sydney, Hong Kong, Paris-), but then I thought wait, this calculator thing is just helping the "lazier" kids of this generation by not making them count money and instead pressing keys. Ugh! Is this really going to help make our kids smarter??

The other thing is that I was out to dinner last week and the people next to us just walked out and did not pay. DID NOY PAY!! The waitress was stunned and called over the hostess to make sure she was not going crazy. Indeed, they had left the restaurant. The bill was over $80 we heard them say. What assholes!! How do you do that?? How do you live with yourself?!

Sunday, December 14, 2008


This makes MY BLOOD BOIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New York immigrant dead in apparent hate crime

NEW YORK (CNN) -- A 31-year-old Ecuadorean man who was beaten last Sunday in what New York City authorities say may have been a hate crime has died at a Queens hospital, his brother said Saturday.
Jose Sucuzhanay and his brother, Romel, had left a party on December 7 at St. Brigid's Roman Catholic Church when several men approached them in a car in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn, police said. The men allegedly began shouting anti-gay and anti-Latino vulgarities at the two men.
Jose Sucuzhanay suffered severe head trauma and was taken to Elmhurst Hospital. He died Friday night from his injuries.
Romel Sucuzhanay, 38, escaped with minor scrapes and has talked with detectives on the case.
City Council Speaker Christine Quinn said she was "horrified to learn that anti-LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual) and anti-Latino slurs were used by one or more of the assailants, raising this event to the level of a hate crime."
Quinn said she was in touch with the NYPD's Hate Crimes Task Force. According to police, however, the attack has not been categorized as a hate crime.
"This is a wake-up call and shows how far we still must come to address the devastating problem of hate crimes in our communities," said Diego Sucuzhanay, Jose's brother, in a written statement. "Only by exposing these crimes and working together will we be able to make a difference."
No arrests have been made in the case. Police are offering a $22,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone involved in the attack.
Sucuzhanay's mother arrived Saturday in New York from the family's home outside Quito, Ecuador, only to learn that he son had died, said family spokesman Francisco Moya.
He said the victim had lived in the United States for more than a decade and was a legal resident, working as a real estate broker.
A news conference is expected to be held Sunday afternoon.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008



I am just going to start right into it:

1. I was waiting for the bus and a student had left something in the classroom; the professor brought it back out for him. Kid didn't even thank him.
2. So far I have complained to Pier 1 Imports about their freaking hot dishes that they say are microwave safe but burned my thumb to the point where it got white only after a minute in the microwave, to Milet for making a dictionary that is missing 30 pages, to a lawyer about my old apt. complex not bothering to return my security deposit, and to the current apt. complex and another company for another issue (too long to write). Where will it end?? When will people do their job... and CORRECTLY!! When will anyone take responsibility?!

On the brighter side, I bought corduroy pants and love them. Haven't bought corduroy in years. And The Contender started-new season!! Love boxing! :)

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Anyone else....

....getting goosebumps when listening to Obama's acceptance speech?? This is such an amazing day in history.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Headlines from around the world of Obama victory

Making history today!!

EL PAIS: Obama culmina el sueño de cambio
John McCain concede la victoria del candidato demócrata y le llama para felicitarle.- "El pueblo americano ha hablado y ha hablado claro", dice el republicano.

LA NACION: Obama a un paso de ser el próximo presidente de EE. UU.
10:01 PM
Washington (AFP) El candidato demócrata a la presidencia de Estados Unidos, Barack Obama, cosecha una diferencia de 207 a 140 grandes electores, los representantes estatales que eligen efectivamente al mandatario en un colegio electoral de 538 miembros.
A las 03H00 GMT del miércoles Obama está a 63 puntos de convertirse en el próximo presidente de los Estados Unidos. Son necesarios 270 grandes electores para obtener la Presidencia.

5 Kasım 2008
Obama kazandı

Zeynep Gürcanlı/
Demokrat Parti adayı Barack Obama Cumhuriyetçi rakibi McCain'i geçerek ABD'nin 44. Başkanı oldu.
ABD seçimlerinde sonucu Virginia eyaleti belirledi. Daha California'da sandıklar açılmadan, sonuç ortaya çıktı. Ohio,
Zeynep Gürcanlı YAZIYORPennsylvania ve en son, kritik eyaletlerden Virginia düştü. Virginia'da oylamanın ilk saatlerinde McCain önde gidiyordu. Ancak sonradan Obama'nın oyları gelmeye başladı. Ve Virginia, yüzde 51'e yüzde 49 gibi az bir farkla Obama'nın oldu.

Gli Usa scelgono Obama
Affluenza record, esplosione di gioia dalle piazze

John McCain reconnaît sa défaiteLe candidat républicain a félicité, mardi, Barack Obama pour sa victoire dans l'élection présidentielle américaine.

Barack Obama est élu président des Etats-Unis
A 5 h 05, heure de Paris, les médias américains ont annoncé la victoire du candidat démocrate Barack Obama face à John McCain.

BBC: Latest News
Last updated at:Wed, 5 November 2008 04:30:02 GMT
Obama wins historic US election
Democratic Senator Barack Obama is elected the first black president of the United States, as John McCain accepts defeat.

Senator Barack Obama appeared to have won enough electoral votes to defeat Senator John McCain to become the 44th U.S. president. McCain conceded the race.

THE GLOBE AND MAIL: Obama elected president; McCain concedes Democratic candidate takes insurmountable lead over McCain to assure White House win, and become America's first African American leader 11:25 PM 198

Obama gewinnt US- Wahl - McCain gratuliert Historischer Triumph für Barack Obama: Der Demokrat wird der 44. Präsident der Vereinigten Staaten und zieht als erster Afroamerikaner ins Weiße Haus ein. John McCain verlor deutlich, gratulierte und bot dem einstigen Rivalen seine Hilfe an.

By CLAUDE SALHANI (Editor, Middle East Times) Nov. 4 11:01 EST
WASHINGTON -- The election of Barack Obama as the 44th president of the United States is unquestionably the best example America can offer to the rest of the world that democracy, despite its many imperfections, actually works.

عاجل ..وسائل إعلام أمريكية تعلن فوز باراك أوباما بالانتخابات الامريكية
فاز السناتور الديمقراطي الأمريكي الشاب باراك أوباما بأغلب أصوات المجمع الانتخابي ليصبح أول رئيس أسود في تاريخ الولايات المتحدة ...المزيد - MASRAWY

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Realize I have to blog again

I have had so many things to say, but just didn't get to putting them on my blog, and now I have forgotten just about everything I wanted to say. Well, about Halloween, I wish people would realize what kind of Halloween costume they can pull off. We went to a bar Fri night and of course everyone dressed up and there was a really great band there who played everything from "Thriller" to recent pop stuff to songs from "Grease". The best costume was Michael Phelps in my opinion-this guy was perfect as him: had the white robe, headphones, tons of gold medals, aqua sox, goggles, and he was even the perfect height and look for it too. Now, HE realized that he could be MP. Other people, not so smart..... like the guy who was a sugar daddy (had clothes that said sugar daddy on them) but in reality was a loser who probably doesn't even know what to do to be a sugar daddy. Then there's the girl who tries to wear a sexy costume but is really nasty. Then there are the guys who wear the "orgasm donor"/gynecologist-type doctor robes and try to be cool for their girlfriends. And oh wait-did I mention Obama and Biden outfits yet? Or the prom queens? I mean I am not perfect but sheesh, you need to know what kind of costume you can buy for yourself. Just like you would wear normal clothes. If you don't look good as a Roman soldier or a bumble bee, don't wear it.

One more thing. We went bowling last night and the night rock-n-bowl bowling started late, like 11 PM. Some kids and their parents were just arriving.... for a birthday party. A birthday party at 11 PM?? Some invitees were holding presents, etc. which is how we knew. Um would you ever schedule a young kid's (like 8/9 I would estimate, with even younger siblings there) bday party at 11 PM?? :S Not to mention the fact that the night bowling goes til 130 AM. Would you let your kid go to that??

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I ordered new checks bc of my address change and of course they came back WRONG because no one can do anything right anymore. Basically when I went in the first time, the girl typed the street wrong-there is a v and an i in the street name, and she put a c and an o. Letters right next to the v and i on the keyboard. UGH! How annoying! She didn't even double check, and was in a rush anyways and didn't want to bother helping me order new checks. Well I am sorry-if the people on the phone hadn't said that it would be 30 DAYS to get the new checks by phone, I wouldn't have had to come in. So, whose fault is that. When I went in the second time, I asked to get them rushed and not be charged for them bc of the mistake and having to go in yet again. We'll see. :s At least the palm tree and beach designs are nice.