Saturday, August 09, 2008


I guess I haven't done this in a while, but everyone who reads this knows why. :) We have moved to Maryland!

So just some random things I have thought about lately:

1. I took Amtrak recently, and I was shocked about the lack of security on the train. Sure there are plenty of police in Penn Station, but ANYONE could board the train with ANY type of weapon. Yes they look at your ticket and make sure you have your ID, but what about a metal detector? We have so much security on planes, but what about trains?? My ride was still pleasant, but wish there was more protection. No one had to walk through any type of security device. I don't care if the train left later-I want screening. Same thing with Greyhound. They don't have anything either. How come the airports can have security and trains and buses not, especially with more people taking alternate transportation now??

2. This goes out to anyone: when you are invited to a wedding and you cannot go, do you send a present? I am asking for a few reasons, and I would like to know peoples' thoughts. If you do send a present, do you send just for good friends/family or anyone that invites you? If you don't send a present, is it bc you are too far away and wouldn't have any means of going anyways?

3. The Olympics are AWESOME!!