Saturday, October 27, 2007

Last One Standing

My new favorite show is LOS (wow, what a coincidence that the initials are LOS bc that's my favorite restaurant in Tally hahaha). Anyways, LOS is on Discovery at 8 every Thursday, and repeats at midnight that next day and then again Saturdays at 10 AM. This show is amazing from many standpoints, and I also have TONS of questions about the logistics too. Of course I would because I travel and also take students overseas too. For anyone that doesn't watch it, it's about 6 "Westerners" (3 Americans Jason-a BMX racer, Corey-outdoor guy, and Brad-strongman; 1 Aussie Mark-kickboxer; and 2 Brits Rajko-fitness guru and Richard-rugby player) who travel the world to compete in indigenous tribe fighting (stick fighting, wrestling, kick fighting, running, etc.). Mark is my favorite. hahaha

First, I wonder who the consultants are. Anthropologists, I assume. Who picked what tribes? How did they pick them? Did the people here consult with the tribes first? What is in it for the tribes? (Well, I am sure that teaching "Westerners" their culture and having them respect it is almost enough from their point of view). What kind of insurance do the travelers have? Who got their visas?

I really do admire these 6 guys bc traveling the world like this, competing, and putting themselves in different environment after different environment-it is really really tough yet so exhilirating! I wonder how much time they have between trips too. During the opening credits, the announcer says "will their 'Western' skills be enough to challenge the locals" (something along those lines). Well, what we have seen so far is that these locals are amazingly fit, skilled, content where they live, and SO PROUD OF THEIR TRIBE. The 6 guys keep up but it's tough!!

Anyone else watch? I love it!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The world we live in

I saw The Kingdom last week, and the last lines are just chilling. I won't ruin it for people that haven't seen it yet, but it really made the whole audience just sit there and be scared and nervous. And I don't know why we SHOULDN'T be scared about what is happening today. Country vs. country, religion vs. religion, globalization vs. old ways, information at your fingertips with the internet, guns, murder in broad daylight, and the list goes on. Every headline is either about some celebrity or death or war. Yes there have been periods in world history of violent times, but nothing like this. NOTHING. And it's not going to stop.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007



Thursday, October 04, 2007

Few things

Again, I am going to make a list.

1. I was walking on campus the other day and two students were sitting watching something in the tree. One guy said "I would miss class for this!" so naturally I looked up. There was a hawk chasing a squirrel and it was really neat. I thought I saw a nest too, so I am sure the hawk wanted some food for the babies. I stood there for about 10 min watching this chase. The crowd got bigger too, and after some time there must have been maybe 30 people watching this and taking pics with their camera phones. It was something that Discovery or Animal Planet probably would have videoed! Finally the hawk gave up and flew away. You should have seen the way the squirrel's heart was pounding though-I have never seen a squirrel that nervous. :( I even got nervous for him.

2. The Rock and his wife donated $1M to the FOOTBALL facilities at U Miami? What? Can't that money go to better use? Like starving kids? Cancer research?

3. My friend and I were driving to dinner the other night and we crossed the train tracks... well we saw the train with its lights on (yes, it was CLOSE) and the freaking bar things weren't even down. Nice to know they work! The train looked like it was stationary, but still, the bars didn't even go down and it was close.... very close.

4. Go visit my brother-in-law's forum-it's really cool!;www

Monday, October 01, 2007

One size lower!

Mom was in town this weekend and we ate and went shopping. :) At the mall, I bought new pants, and they are one size lower. Hooray! And BTW, I really love JCPenney!