Saturday, June 21, 2008

Which way do you want it?

People complain that police don't do enough, but when they do, they say they are violated and it was an intrusion? Invasion of privacy? Sheesh. I would say gee thanks for caring and noticing!

Friday, June 13, 2008

I'm sorry, wrong change again

Simply put, at lunch the bill was $8.60. I gave the girl $20.60 SPECIFICALLY telling her that there were coins on top of the bill. I waited and waited for the change, finally went up to the cash register and said I am waiting for my change. She said oh yes hold on. Okay.... She handed me $11.40. I said this is not the right amount. She said yes it is you gave me $20. NO, I gave you $20.60. The change should be $12. (Don't question me!) She looked confused for a sec then said oh okay and gave me $12 in dollar bills.

Like we said in high school, no words.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Oops again

Another 3 weeks has gone by-sorry my loyal fans!

So why is it that I, and/or anyone else I happen to be physically present with, attract weirdos? Note the following weekend incidents:

1. At the Dollar Tree Friday, a girl asked me and my friends if we knew any fun places to go to in town (obviously we do). Then she asked if we had a razor. Yup, it's in my back pocket, let me get it. (Not really) She had no shoes and was pretty dirty with red marks all over her legs. I felt bad for her... I wanted to know more of her story. Still weird though. Might have been a prostitute...

2. At CVS an older lady said I looked as white as a sheet (REALLY? NOT) and that I need to know Jesus Christ. Then she hit my arm and told me to look at her purse. I didn't do that and finished paying.

3. While out last night, an older guy freaked out me and my friend. He was looking at his beer bottle like it had 5 heads and sat in the chair next to us for 20 seconds, looked at my friend like he wanted to do something bad to her, I was feeling very nervous, people put down empty beer bottles on our table and he grabbed them and looked at them like he had 5 heads, then walked away and stood in the middle of the dance floor. I was about to tell the bouncer about him when I lost track of where he went. Probably was high.

4. While getting a cab home, some guy followed us into the cab and asked where we were going. HOME IDIOT. He said where and we said nothing specific and I said "um I DON'T KNOW YOU" and he said "oh that's okay, I'll just share your cab". I said "UM NO" and he said "oh okay I just need to get the hell out of here" and he left.

Is this place full of whackos or what?!

-On another note, I am adding "The Kite Runner" to my list of favorite movies. Top 10 possibly. Plus the soundtrack. I was a crying mess while watching it. Incredible story about Afghanistan before and after the Soviet invasion and the Taliban... tracing the lives of best friends from childhood to adulthood.