Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Turkiye is (and will be) sizzling!

According to accuweather.com:

Thursday, Jun 28
More Details
Sizzling sunshine and very hot. Winds from the N at 9 km/h.
Realfeel®: 46 °C
High: 38 °C

Or, in the US system:

Thursday, Jun 28
More Details
Sizzling sunshine and very hot. Winds from the N at 6 mph.
Realfeel®: 115 °F
High: 102 °F

Monday, June 25, 2007

Garage sale mania/UK politics

I was out of town this weekend, and my friend had a garage sale. She made a TON of money there!! But, that is not the reason for the post. The reason I am writing, as usual, is to say WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE? First, the sale started at 8 AM. Guy shows up at 7 asking what she will be selling, when it starts, etc. She has to say to him 3 times to come back at 8 (as the article in the paper said). Then at 757, a FLOOD of people come. I guess they are part of a big neighborhood area garage sale interest group. By 930, half of the stuff was gone. My friend had a pair of pants on sale that she had gotten her husband at a warehouse for over $100 and was asking $2 for them. $2. The lady that wanted to buy them said I'll give you a dollar. (Are you kidding?) My friend said no, and the lady says (in a really nasty tone): "WELL, this IS a garage sale after all" and walks away without buying them. Talk about cheap! Then, a guy was buying $2 worth of stuff (VHS tapes, etc.) and said I'll give you $1.50 for everything. WHAT DIFFERENCE IS 50 CENTS?? At that point, my friend was so pissed that she said fine. But really. Trying to negotiate at a garage sale? Isn't there any protocol for that?!

On another note, Tony Blair is gone. I am really wondering what UK politics will be like with Gordon Brown as prime minister.........................

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Tally food establishments

What is going on in this city??

1. For the first day of summer, Bruegger's Bagels is having a snow celebration with fake snow, snow angels, iced coffee, snowmen, etc. If only people here knew how awful snow is! Some people haven't even seen snow before! And why would you want to ruin the first day of summer by thinking about it? Apparently it was so crazy that it made the newspaper in Syracuse too.

2. I went to Subway and on the receipt it said "Subway for the Glory of God" as the name of the restaurant. I have talked about this so much over the last day that I don't even know what to say about it anymore. Other than I am STILL dumbfounded.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Age of Love

**Disclaimer: I am only watching this show b/c Mark Philippoussis is a tennis player. I usually hate reality tv (except Real World and the reunions/challenges).

So does it make me old that I am hoping he picks a 40-something and that the 20-somethings are just SOOOOOOOOO annoying???? Go older women!! They look absolutely amazing!!

Miss Manners

I write a lot about manners and basic courtesy because I think people don't have them anymore. Well, today I was proved wrong. I was getting into the elevator after lunch and a guy was already going up and the door was about to shut. I said "don't worry about it" but he stuck his hand inbetween the doors and said "oh, I have a chemical in this bottle and it might smell so I didn't want you to get in and have to smell it. I just didn't want you to think I was being rude [by not keeping the doors open so I could get in]". Wow. So, again, he opened the doors just to say that he was going to close them and didn't want me to think he was being rude by not letting me in.

(Then I got into the other elevator and a lady got out and the elevator smelled like fart, so maybe I should have been in the original one hahahahaha).

Just thought that was nice. (The first part, not the fart).

Thursday, June 14, 2007

International current events

Two things have left me disheartened (it's another list-I like to make lists for my blog):

1. The blasts to Sunni mosques in Samarra, Iraq have made me sick to my stomach. Literally. These are HUNDREDS of years old. The Al-Askariya Mosque has now lost its minarets from this attack, and its dome back in 2006. When I heard this news, I felt sick and nauseous. It's just so sad. It was built in the 900s! According to Wikipedia, Al-`Askarī or the `Askariyya Mosque/Shrine (Arabic: مرقد الامامين علي الهادي والحسن العسكري; transliterated: Marqad al-Imāmayn `Alī l-Hādī wa l-Ħassan al-`Askarī) is a Shī`a Muslim holy site located in the Iraqi city of Samarra 60 miles from Baghdad. It is one of the most important Shī`ite mosques in the world, built in 944.[1] Its dome was destroyed in February 2006 (see al-`Askarī Mosque Bombing).
The remains of the tenth and eleventh Shī`a Imāms, `Alī l-Hādī and his son Hassan al-`Askarī, known as "the two `Askarīs" (al-`Askariyyān), rest at the shrine.[2] It stands adjacent to a shrine to the Twelfth or "Hidden" Imām, Muħammad al-Mahdī. The `Askariyya Shrine is also known as the "Tomb or Mausoleum of the Two Imāms", "the Tomb of Imāms `Alī l-Hādī and Hassan al-`Askarī" and al-Hadhratu l-`Askariyya.
Also buried within the Mosque are the remains of Hakimah Khatun, sister of `Alī l-Hādī, and of Narjis Khatun, mother of Muħammad al-Mahdi.[3]

2. FIFA decided last month to prohibit international tournaments and World Cup qualifying matches above 8,200 feet (2,500 meters). That rules out the capitals of Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and the stadiums of leading teams in Peru, Chile and Mexico. (La Paz is the world's highest capital BTW). In protest, Evo Morales of Bolivia and some of his staff played soccer at above 19,000 feet and said they were fine. Here is the rest of the article: http://www.cnn.com/2007/WORLD/americas/06/13/bolivia.football.ap/index.html Totally unbelievable and NOT FAIR!! It's not their fault that their cities are high. They still want to host international soccer events! Players will be fine.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Being foreign is my dream...

... and I think I have come as close to that as possible. :) Especially because the other day when I was walking down the hall to work, my coworker says "it's the girl from Ipanema" and I said WHAT?! and she said yeah, I didn't recognize you because you looked foreign. Mission accomplisted!! I went nuts! I told her that was the greatest compliment she could have ever given me. Really the greatest compliment ANYONE can give me would be to say something like that. Like in Turkiye when everyone said I look Turkish... and the airline stewardesses spoke to me in Turkce!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Just some things

1. I wish immigration didn't take so long. :(
3. All these blasts from the past this year-Baby Jessica is back, new things about Princess Di. I still remember back in 1997 right when I arrived in Madrid at my host family's house, the first time I saw my host mom she was watching her funeral. Later that fall I went to Paris and flowers were still fresh (put there by mourners) at the place where she died.
4. Yesterday at the French Open, the tennis players could speak multiple languages. Of course they could-they are not from the US. Nadal knows Spanish, English, and probably others; "Guga" (Kuerten) knows French, English, Portuguese, and probably Spanish; Federer speaks French, English, German, and probably others. *sigh* Why can't we all be like them?? Even the commentators (McEnroe, Carillo, and the other guy who I can never remember) said it puts Americans to shame. DUH.
5. This morning I had a little panic attack-I woke up and my boncuk necklace from Turkiye was missing from my neck. I said OH NO what if I lost it in the pool, while playing kickball yesterday, or somewhere else ...... After investigating, I saw the chain on the strap of my PJs, but the charm was nowhere in sight. Then I panicked less because I knew the charm had to be in my apt. somewhere. I tore off all the blankets and shook them, looked under the couch cushions, on the table, then finally in my gym bag. Phew-I heard the "tink" and the charm fell out. Relief!!!!!!!!! I would have cried!! I guess it got there by falling into the bag as I was getting something out of my purse this morning.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Why I take time with friends and call and email and everything else..... :)

The Hug Drug
Friends are just as effective as Prozac.
By PsychologyToday.com

It just may be that no drug is more effective than a good, meaningful chat. A British study has demonstrated the healing power of friendship. A group of chronically depressed women living in London were randomly assigned to receive a volunteer "befriender" or were placed on a waiting list for one. The befrienders were instructed to be confidants to the depressed women, meeting them regularly for chats over coffee or outings.

Tirril Harris, of Guy's, King's and St. Thomas' schools of medicine in London reports that among the women who saw their volunteer friends regularly throughout the year, 72 percent experienced a remission in depression compared with just 45 percent in the control group. That's about the same success rate as antidepressants or cognitive therapy, says Harris.

The women who benefited most from the friendship prescription typically experienced some kind of "fresh start": they reconnected or made amends with a person who was estranged from them, or left an unpleasant job for another that seemed more promising.
In one case, Janet, a depressed woman who took part in the study, had been working overtime for no extra pay. Her befriender pointed out that this was unfair and suggested she ask for compensation. Janet approached her boss, who was "amenable and apologetic," Harris recalls. "These types of experiences—an acknowledgment of respect—made the formerly depressed women feel differently about themselves and about the world."