Monday, December 03, 2007

Today's Grammar

Do you notice that so many people now are ending their sentences with "so..."? I hate that! The people on my soap operas even do that (if you watch Y&R, it's Lily that does it). What are you supposed to say after someone ends their sentence like that? Are they going to start a new one? Or wait for you to respond?

Take this conversation for example:

Person 1: Yeah I went to the store and my credit card didn't work, so....

Person 2 has a few ways to respond. They can say "so, what happened?" or "oh that sucks" or "well, one time that happened to me" or just shake your head in disagreement/amazement/confusion. The choices then are 1. ask the result of the story, 2. just make a comment, 3. share a similar situation, or 4. make some body movement.

That drives me crazy!!