Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I ordered new checks bc of my address change and of course they came back WRONG because no one can do anything right anymore. Basically when I went in the first time, the girl typed the street wrong-there is a v and an i in the street name, and she put a c and an o. Letters right next to the v and i on the keyboard. UGH! How annoying! She didn't even double check, and was in a rush anyways and didn't want to bother helping me order new checks. Well I am sorry-if the people on the phone hadn't said that it would be 30 DAYS to get the new checks by phone, I wouldn't have had to come in. So, whose fault is that. When I went in the second time, I asked to get them rushed and not be charged for them bc of the mistake and having to go in yet again. We'll see. :s At least the palm tree and beach designs are nice.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Oops again

Geez, it's been another month since I blogged. :S

So when we went to Syr for a visit, we were driving down Route 5 and a guy was running down the highway NAKED toward 2 policemen pointing guns at him. Hum..... gotta wonder what that was all about! Kinda freaked me out.

I have also made a change that most everyone will be surprised about: I am cooking more. Well, if you count Crockpot cooking. :) We went to Walmart, I got all the ingredients from the cookbook I brought along with me, and made 3-bean chili. It was actually really good! Okay, so it's easy to just pour everything in the pot and stir it every now and then, but for me, that's a step up from Chef Boy-R-Dee can ravioli. I still hate cooking (especially involved things like BBQ chicken or something like that), so the Crockpot is my new best friend.