Sunday, November 02, 2008

Realize I have to blog again

I have had so many things to say, but just didn't get to putting them on my blog, and now I have forgotten just about everything I wanted to say. Well, about Halloween, I wish people would realize what kind of Halloween costume they can pull off. We went to a bar Fri night and of course everyone dressed up and there was a really great band there who played everything from "Thriller" to recent pop stuff to songs from "Grease". The best costume was Michael Phelps in my opinion-this guy was perfect as him: had the white robe, headphones, tons of gold medals, aqua sox, goggles, and he was even the perfect height and look for it too. Now, HE realized that he could be MP. Other people, not so smart..... like the guy who was a sugar daddy (had clothes that said sugar daddy on them) but in reality was a loser who probably doesn't even know what to do to be a sugar daddy. Then there's the girl who tries to wear a sexy costume but is really nasty. Then there are the guys who wear the "orgasm donor"/gynecologist-type doctor robes and try to be cool for their girlfriends. And oh wait-did I mention Obama and Biden outfits yet? Or the prom queens? I mean I am not perfect but sheesh, you need to know what kind of costume you can buy for yourself. Just like you would wear normal clothes. If you don't look good as a Roman soldier or a bumble bee, don't wear it.

One more thing. We went bowling last night and the night rock-n-bowl bowling started late, like 11 PM. Some kids and their parents were just arriving.... for a birthday party. A birthday party at 11 PM?? Some invitees were holding presents, etc. which is how we knew. Um would you ever schedule a young kid's (like 8/9 I would estimate, with even younger siblings there) bday party at 11 PM?? :S Not to mention the fact that the night bowling goes til 130 AM. Would you let your kid go to that??

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