Wednesday, December 10, 2008



I am just going to start right into it:

1. I was waiting for the bus and a student had left something in the classroom; the professor brought it back out for him. Kid didn't even thank him.
2. So far I have complained to Pier 1 Imports about their freaking hot dishes that they say are microwave safe but burned my thumb to the point where it got white only after a minute in the microwave, to Milet for making a dictionary that is missing 30 pages, to a lawyer about my old apt. complex not bothering to return my security deposit, and to the current apt. complex and another company for another issue (too long to write). Where will it end?? When will people do their job... and CORRECTLY!! When will anyone take responsibility?!

On the brighter side, I bought corduroy pants and love them. Haven't bought corduroy in years. And The Contender started-new season!! Love boxing! :)

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