Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas and one other thing

So some kids I know got World Monopoly (not sure of exact title). Instead of getting $200 to pass Go, you get $2 million. Instead of buying properties for $400, $500, you buy them for $600K and more. Houses are a million, depending on which property you land on. The biggest change: no paper money. Yes, that's right. No paper money-just a little calculator thing. The money is on a card (like the casino) and you just insert the card into the machine and press the buttons. At first it was awesome (because you can buy lots of world cities like Barcelona, Istanbul, Sydney, Hong Kong, Paris-), but then I thought wait, this calculator thing is just helping the "lazier" kids of this generation by not making them count money and instead pressing keys. Ugh! Is this really going to help make our kids smarter??

The other thing is that I was out to dinner last week and the people next to us just walked out and did not pay. DID NOY PAY!! The waitress was stunned and called over the hostess to make sure she was not going crazy. Indeed, they had left the restaurant. The bill was over $80 we heard them say. What assholes!! How do you do that?? How do you live with yourself?!

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Anonymous said...

what a LAME-O blog updates in a YEAR!!!!